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  • You. Your growth. Your mastery.

    You. Your growth. Your mastery.

    This important video is all about you. Your growth. And your mastery of a new skill set that will define your next level of success.

    Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

    John C. Maxwell John Maxwell Team
    Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team

    Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team

    David is an independent certified coach, teacher, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

    Teacher & Educator with Real World Solutions!

    Teacher & Educator with Real World Solutions!

    An adjunct professor for over 17 years, David takes complex management and leadership challenges & theories and makes them applicable for anyone.

    Leadership Develops Daily (Not in a Day)

    Leadership Develops Daily (Not in a Day)

    Work with us to discover how to become the leader you were meant to be. You'll be surprised how easy our teachings are to implement in your career.

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    Behavioral Based Leadership

    Why Smart People Underperform

    ​Each one of us are born with unique gifts and talents that only we possess. As children we are allowed to explore new things, develop new skills, and often times fail more times than we succeed. When we fail as children, our parents pick us up, dust us off and send us along our way to "try again".

    Leadership Development

    My Leadership Philosophy

    ​Being a card carrying member of the baby boom generation, I grew up at the peak of the industrial age. Among the many contributions that came out of the industrial age included a variation of what we refer to as "management."

    Leadership Development

    Leadership as a Lifestyle

    ​The word leadership is often misused and understood. Leadership as a word is both a noun and a verb. Let's focus on the verb part.

    Leadership Development

    What is Leadership Development?

    ​I love the Olympic games. It is truly an awesome experience to watch these amazing athletes, at the top of their game, compete on the world stage. I also love the personal stories of sacrifice and commitment they have had to endure to reach this level of perfection.

    A True Pleasure to Learn From Such a Distinguished Educator

    I had the opportunity of having David Carter as a professor at North Carolina State University for numerous classes. David's ability to connect with students and explain difficult materials has helped to foster a love for Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. Relating material to his past experiences and current events combined with dedication and passion for the subject challenged student's critical thinking abilities. I felt very prepared from his style of teaching and willingness to ensure I fully understood the topics discussed. When the opportunity to have David again as a professor I jumped on it, signing up for two more upper level courses. Its been a true pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn from such a distinguished educator. I am honored to call him a friend.

    David Nanny

    Start Your New Leadership Journey Now

    With seventeen years in a university classroom, I understand adult learners. Concise information delivered in a simplistic and time saving format allows you to apply your new knowledge immediately. Leadership is about influence and your ability to influence others. We will teach you the skills to take your career to new heights. Whether you aspire to be a better manager or leader, we have you covered. Your successful career as a leader starts here.

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